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Healthy Eating Presentations for Kids and Adults

The Challenges:

The healthier your group is, whether it is your employees, team, or students, the more valuable and productive they will be. This makes sense to most of us, but how do we give our group the information they need in a way they will understand? Diet and nutrition can seem overwhelming and even more so if we have a family and a career! Sometimes, it seems like it is easier to go through a drive-through or order out but in the long run, we will pay for our decisions with our health and productivity.


The Solution

Chef Jessica has been teaching the public since 2001. She breaks down the basics of healthy eating in an understandable way. She uses humor, discussion, and a question and answer format combined with a healthy food demonstration and sampling. Participants are engaged and enjoying themselves. They leave the presentation feeling more empowered and less confused. They also have had a chance to see first hand how delicious healthy food can be.

Educational and Delicious

Fun and Engaging

Years as a nutritional chef

Years teaching the public

Average Class Size



Chef Jessica will talk to your group about how to incorporate healthy foods in their everyday routine.

Customized to Your Group

Chef Jessica customizes each presentation to the group’s needs. We have a list of topics you can select from or a presentation will be designed specifically for you at no extra cost.

Delicious Samples

Each presentation given by Chef Jessica will include a quick and delicious demonstration for a healthy eating item that will be given as samples for tasting. All dietary restrictions can be honored upon request.

Fun and Affordable!

Pricing ranges based on your exact needs and also the size of your group. Price per person can start as low as $6 for groups of 50 or more. Call today for a quick and precise quote!

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