Food Coaching for Families and Individuals

  • Are mealtimes stressful because you don’t know what to make that is healthy?
  • Do you feel like no one will eat what you make even if you do make something good for them?
  • Do you feel like your family is not eating as healthy as they should?
  • Do you spend a lot of time sitting in the drive through?
  • Is your family low on energy and irritable?
  • Do you throw away a lot of food?

These are common challenges for many families and my Family Food Coaching can help you solve them for good.

I am Dedicated to the Health of Your Family

Getting a family in sync with nutrition can be challenging. When I am working with you, we craft a strategy that is customized to the needs of your family. It is not a one size fits all plan. I take into account your likes, dislikes, health specifications, social life, time, budget, and of course any dietary restrictions. I provide customized strategy, personally tailored to fit your needs.

Private chef and health coach. Lose weight and feel younger.

Family Integration

Does everybody in your house like different things? Sometimes one person’s health challenges can cause other members of the family to need to make changes they did not plan to have to make. Or a picky eater limits the food the rest of the family will have. I facilitate you to assimilate these differences in a comfortable way without resentments or blame. By crafting a strategy and having support, you sail through the choppy waters of nutritional integration and move forward into a new system of eating. 

Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

Do you lose weight just to gain it quickly back right after? Are you always on a diet? If so, I can help reinforce the shifts in your life that will lead you to a permanent end to the weight cycling. I will facilitate you to phase out the negative feelings you have around your weight and towards food. By eliminating the charge these emotions carry, you will be able focus on following the meal plans and lifestyle strategies we devise for your needs. You will find your cravings diminish and you have less of a desire for processed food and sweets.

Grocery Planning and Strategy

Do you walk into the grocery store not really knowing what you want or need? Do you know how to stock your pantry with essential staples so when you go to the store, it is efficient and inexpensive? Do you know the best stores to shop in your area and when the best day is to shop? I will teach you all of this and more during our food coaching sessions.

Promote Healing of Dis-Ease

Do you think the only way to heal an illness is with medicine or surgery? Think again. Many illnesses can be greatly improved or even completely healed with lifestyle changes including nutrition, activity, meditation, and neurokinesis. If you have an illness you would like to work on, we can craft a strategy that will directly focus on healing and monitor results often to validate effectiveness. Through meal planning, shopping strategy, streamlining your activity, and cleaning up any emotional stress, you open a clear path to the healthiest you.

Drop Me a Line

I would love to chat with you and see if I can help you make your family healthier and your life less stressful. Inquiry discussions are always free!