From Burnout to Bliss

Stop The Excuses: Start Taking Inspired Action 

From Burnout to Bliss: Self-Healing 101

Over 20 pages of clean eating and delicious recipes

Menu plans to take the stress out of meal planning

Guided healing meditation for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep

Calming techniques you can use anywhere to relieve anxiety and depression naturally

Make 2018 Your Best Year

Has it occurred to you recently that something has led you far away from the path on which you started?  

If we’re lucky, it takes just one meaningful sign from our mind or our body to alert us that we’ve made one or two or several wrong turns along the way. Sometimes, it’s multiple symptoms.  

What are they for you? Some of the common complaints I hear are: • Headaches • Fatigue • Chronic Pain • Depression • Irritability • Anxiety • Dry skin or breakouts • Poor circulation • Weight Gain • Congestion • Bloating or GI Issues  

In most cases, if we’re lucky and proactive, the symptoms of bad choices or circumstances can be reversed before they are irreparable.  

The truth is, we all have immense power when we use strategies and tools that are available to us.  

If we eat right, move right, breathe right and practice healing, we can cultivate self restoration from within.  

But it takes that single moment of recognition and a pledge of commitment.  

We only have one life. And this is the best moment available to us to make change for our optimal personal, professional and creative selves.  

It’s 2018. Let’s choose to look back on this year with only admiration and gratitude for the care that we took to make the best of our gifts.  

Are you ready to step in and be the hero that saves your future self by making you slimmer, healthier, more positive and resilient?  

My limited time New Year’s Restoration Regime provides abundant and unprecedented value with the following tools and strategies that you can use anytime, anywhere:  

For just the cost of one dinner out, or five movies with popcorn, you can set your course for an exciting and limitless future. It’s in your hands. Seize the opportunity. This $147 offer is available for a limited time at $97.  

  • 20 + pages of extremely healthy and delicious recipes 
  • Save time and hassle with menu plans for eating clean
  • Natural solutions for anxiety
  • Guided healing meditation for a renewing sleep
  • Self healing guidebook and videos so you can go at your own pace. 
  • Effective strategies for raising your vibe to immediately reduce negativity anywhere  

“I am coming to understand that I was creating a lot of the stress in my life. By sitting down and going within, I realized I had been making it complicated. This program gave me so many tools and information for shifting this in my life. I now answer to one person first, that is ME!” K.K. 

“So much valuable information packed in your Self-Healing program, Jessica! It will take me quite a while to get through it all. I love the recipes, but the healing tools have helped me handle my anxiety. They work so well!” L.B.