Chef Jessica Leibovich

Chef Jessica. Chef for weight loss, health, cancer, and catering.

Eat, Breathe, Move, Heal was founded by Chef Jessica Leibovich of San Diego, CA. She has spent the past 18 years cooking and teaching a diverse clientele. Clients such as professional athletes, cancer patients,  clients with gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian celiacs, epileptics, and candida diets have all gone to Chef Jessica for her knowledge of food preparation and food healing.
Ask anyone of her clients and they will all agree on one thing. Her food tastes amazing -regardless of what your restrictions are.
After preparing food for her family and friends her whole life, Jessica started her professional career as a chef after graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts from the Charleston, SC campus of Johnson and Wales University in 1996 and continuing her study at La Varenne in Burgundy France in 1997 earning a French Contemporary Cuisine certification.  This early part of her professional career of cooking was enhanced by visiting European goat milk farms, 3 star Michelin restaurants, and Grand Cru vineyards all before the age of 22.
Jessica believes, once you experience this level of authenticity in cooking, there is no turning back. Her foundation in classical French cooking gave her the ability to create delicious, from scratch food, however, it did not give her the information she later learned about how to create healing, nutrient rich and delicious meals that were just as satisfying as the rich meals she had during her study in France. She did come back to the states with a passion for high-end, delicious food, and a knowledge of the importance of the source of food and the eating seasonally along with knowing how to prepare a complete menu from scratch.
In 1998, once back in the states, Jessica moved to San Diego, CA. She started working as a sous chef for a local celebrity catering company who create all of their menu items from scratch. From homemade brioche to demi glace, she learned first-hand how to craft, display, and serve the food in the finest way. She also formed connections with local suppliers and farms at this time. San Diego has always been on the leading edge of sustainability and eating local, and this was the start of Chef Jessica forming these new paths. Local free range chicken and eggs, heirloom varieties of produce, sustainable seafood, and lighter sauces were featured on the menu. Jessica remained second in command of the kitchen and the executive chef had a strong baking background. With this responsibility and mentorship, Jessica became a jack of all trades, with every day being an assortment roasting, steaming, grilling, sauce making, and grain free cooking for hundreds of people at a time (with a kitchen of 3).
In 2000, she decided to branch out and work for herself as a personal chef. There was a national organization located right in San Diego (APPCA) who trained chefs on how to start a personal chef business. Jessica became somewhat of a spokesperson for them because of her experience and training.
In 2001, she filmed “A Day in the life of a Personal Chef” for the APPCA. This is a 2 hour instructional video on how to complete the full cook date of 2 weeks worth of meals and it is still available through the APPCA training programs.
In 2002, Chef Jessica was the first chef to be named Best Personal Chef by San Diego Magazine. Throughout the ups and downs of the economy, her clients have remained loyal because they have come to depend on the quality of food she gives them and knows it is specifically tailored for them.
For over a decade, she was extremely busy taking care of her clients and during this time, her knowledge of nutrition and food healing exponentially grew. In 2002 her first real challenge as a chef came to her when her first client with cancer came to her for help. The first book she used was called The Immune System Cure. If you ask Jessica, she will tell you while the information was priceless, they made it way more complicated then it needs to be. From then on, she sought out healing nutrition and incorporated that aspect to her cooking. Over a decade later her experiences includes a ketogenic diet to stop seizures, a celiac diet, candida from the side effects of Lymes disease, vegans, Crohn’s, and Paleo, as well as immune healing (cancer reversal).
Now Chef Jessica is personally teaching, coaching, and cooking for people how to understand how to implement nutrition for longevity and food healing, what is important for us to incorporate in our diet and why, and how to learn to prepare these amazing delicious recipes in a simple way.
Chef Jessica has just finished writing her first nutritional cookbook for the auspicious startup, Nutripy Nutrition. The company will be launching at the start of the new year 2016.
Currently Jessica is teaching and cooking as much as she can while consulting with businesses on their wellness strategies and menu planning. She has a 6 year old son, Zealand and a 4 year old daughter, Violet.  She lives in Carlsbad, CA with her husband Matt, her kids, and 2 little dogs.


Chef Jessica Leibovich of Eat, Breathe, Move, Heal