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If you are having mysterious symptoms or issues with your health, they can affect every aspect of your life. These will often show up as symptoms such as headaches, skin outbreaks, feel tired all the time, digestion issues, mood swings, fungal overgrowth, or brain fog.

While the symptoms can have you going to doctor after doctor, often the root cause of the illness stems from two things, diet and an overload of stress.

I have seen my clients make amazing transformations where they can literally reverse these issues completely naturally to make a complete turnaround and feel incredible again.

So if you have any of these symptoms, what can you do?

The top three things you can do to reverse autoimmune illnesses:

  1. Optimize your diet: While removing the “bad foods” like junk food and sweets are important, so is watching our whole diet and removing or minimizing “pseudo” health foods such as gluten-free or low-fat packaged foods. These can contain additives and preservatives. Stick to whole foods such as lean protein, veggies, and alkaline water. If this sounds very challenging, it can get a lot easier once you get into a routine. If you aren’t sure if you get enough real food, take a look at your plate. When you look at your plate, how much is real food and how much came from a processing plant? Fresh veggies and lean protein are what fuels our body properly. Food from a box or a bag does not provide nourishment or satisfy us, it really is just a party for your mouth.


  1. Minimize your stress and clear your past trauma: Stress is one of the number one cause of chronic illness. This is a big why healing trauma from our past is so important. We must heal our past if we can fully live our full potential. Stress has a double negative effect on our immune system. First, it greatly increases inflammation which exasperates sicknesses and illnesses. Then it suppresses our immune system making it nearly impossible for your body to heal. Minimizing stress is absolutely vital for your health.


  1. Lessen your toxic load: Between the pollution in our air, contaminants in our water, and the chemicals in all the products in our environment, we are under assault every day by toxins that affect our endocrine system and overall health and well-being. They don’t just wash off or go away either. The CDC tested people over a 5-year period and found traces of 212 chemicals in their system.


We can’t really get away from processed foods, stress, and toxins in our environment but we can begin to educate and practice for our health. It is truly a journey back to feeling amazing.