Who among us has not failed? I know I have. I have failed at a lot of things but what I know is that as long I don’t give up, it is just part of my journey to success.

When it comes to weight loss, healing our bodies, and feeling energized during our day, we can feel like a failure if we have a slip up that leads us away from these goals.

The problem is not that we are failing at our goals, it is that we think a temporary setback is a permanent failure.

Just because we are committed to our goals does not mean we will not have some slip-ups. The idea is to take those mistakes and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Our weaknesses will show us exactly where our openings for success lie.

If you keep repeating the same mistake incessantly and are having a tough time breaking the loop, it’s typical but you might need some help to break it or you can end up making it really hard on yourself.

When we develop beliefs and habits, our brain gets stuck on a loop which causes neural pathways to be created and deepened in our brain.

This is the reason why it can feel like you have to try so hard every single day to gain traction and it can feel like groundhog day with you repeating the same mistakes over and over.

This makes us feel bad about ourselves but it is how we are wired so our brain is just doing what it is supposed to do.

We need to bring awareness to the developed pathway and redirect on a clear path with no emotional charge. By doing this, you can immediately stop a bad habit and redirect it into a completely new train of thought with ease.

Let’s say you want chocolate after dinner and you know it is not going to help your goal, your brain’s wiring is so established that forcing yourself not to eat the chocolate is going to take a huge amount of mental energy. It is like you are working against your brain and typically, the brain will win because that pathway is deep, established, and very familiar.

The good news is we can retrain our brain to create new pathways, making it so much easier to not repeat mistakes. If we can catch ourselves in the moment and use brain-body tools to redirect the pathway, the emotional charge clears and our urges dissolve.

When we do this, better choices happen naturally, and we expend much less mental and physical energy to reach our goals. Life becomes so much easier.

So how do we do this? We use simple but strategic methods of touch and talk using our body and brain in tandem. Using these techniques properly can allow you to instantly cancel an emotional urge or charge no matter how deep the neural pathway is.

By learning these techniques, the next time you are triggered, you will have the ability to stop the trigger immediately and shift the course, creating a new pathway in your brain, setting you up for the development of success.

If you would like a free demo on how this is done, I opened 5 spots in my schedule to help people who are really struggling at no charge. I want to show you how easy this is to do. This is life-changing information and if you are ready to stop the emotional overwhelm and frustration, this is your opportunity!

If this sounds like something you could use support with, message me or comment on this post and I will send you the link to the free session.