You want to heal an illness, lose weight, or feel more energy? If you are fatigued and overwhelmed, let me help for a second.
It is not uncommon for my clients to go into action mode and change their diet and exercise more if they want to lose weight or get healthier but if we are not protecting and monitoring our energy, we will not be able to keep up the momentum.

This output can be exhausting and it often can take weeks or even months before we see real lasting results. This can cause us to feel depressed, frustrated, and sometimes feel like a failure.

This cycle of feeling frustrated, fatigued, and overwhelmed, is a cycle that we have the power to interrupt and re-direct.
Here are three things you can do right away to stop this cycle and redirect your energy towards healing and clearing the fog. I promise, even if you just do these three things, you will notice a difference in your health and happiness.

1. Protect your energy: When you are ill or fatigued, your energy is the most valuable resource you have. At the end of the day, we can feel exhausted and not have much to show for it. If you want to heal, every move you make should be carefully considered. Even getting up to get somebody a jacket or answering the door is something you should weigh before jumping up to do it. This might mean making other people mad or saying no more often but if you want to heal putting your needs above others is key. Every single second of energy you spend should be calculated.

2. Stop eating out: Most restaurant food is very harmful to us if we eat out too often. The portions are way too large, it has often been sitting in the cooler for days meaning it is not fresh, and they use very dangerous hydrogenated oils on many things that cause tons of health issues. Eating from home is the number one thing you can do to change your diet for the better. If you are too busy to cook, there are many options you can do but going out to a restaurant or getting take out should not be one of them if you are looking to heal your body. Even if you hate to cook or think it is too much work, you can find recipes that are easier and faster than take out. Once you get used to not eating out, you won’t be able to eat at restaurants often as you will feel how much different you feel when you eat there.

3. Stop complaining: When we are not feeling well, it can be hard not to complain. We feel like crap and we want someone to sympathize or we just want to get it off our chest. I am totally guilty of this and I know it has driven my husband crazy in the past. The problem is that we can block ourselves from real help and results. It can also block us from getting the rest we need because we are exerting energy complaining. Instead look for solutions. The healing journey is almost never a straight line. We need to connect the dots and uncover mysteries. If we spend time complaining, our minds are not looking for a solution and instead are in an expectation of that it will always be this way. Next time you find yourself complaining, ask, “What can I do instead?” Many times, we can feel like we want to complain because our needs are not being met. We are doing too much and it causes us to be exhausted. In which case refer back to #1!