the evolution of healing

This past week I went to the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. I have been there before as a child but coming back as a healer and coach was such a different experience. Those of you who are healers or psychics understand how we can download a large amount of information or concepts in a split second. Walking through the museum, I could see how our civilization has progressed since the beginning of time. Seeing this as a healer was profound.

Perceiving the history of our planet in a visual manner gave me a huge download I wanted to share with you. I realized how young our society is. I saw how, even with all our advancements and accomplishments, we still have so much to learn about ourselves. We are like infants just learning to crawl when it comes to understanding the power of our mind and body

We have yet to uncover our deepest gifts and knowledge. We are just scratching the surface of our possibility. We have not tapped into the power within ourselves to reverse illness, expand our happiness, and reach our highest potential.

Ancient cultures explored and understood this better than most of us do today. Without the distractions and busyness that we have today, they could connect to their mind, body, and spirit with ease. As a modern culture, we have come to look outside of ourselves for healing going to doctors, taking lab tests, buying shakes or supplements, and trying the latest diet fad (Keto, Paleo, etc) when none of that will solve the root issue that needs healing.

I am not saying these things are unnecessary or that they don’t help. They are an important part of our advancements as a society. However, even though we are living longer, we are not any happier or healthier. We are having more and more health problems because we are highly stressed, have a large toxic overload, and are completely out of touch with our bodies.

The answer to healing is within us. We all have the power to heal ourselves. It must be uncovered through practice and experience. Just as the advancements in science and technology, the advancements in healing must be discovered and practiced.

Imagine if we all set an intention to discover the power to heal? I am not just talking about those of us in the group, I am talking about the entire world. We would instantly evolve into the powerful creators that we are meant to be.
If you have an illness you would like to heal or you have trouble finding happiness, it is my soul purpose to help. I would love to speak with you and help you find healing and happiness.