This blog was originally written for Rainbow Chefs, a wonderful company who strives to teach children healthy cooking and nutrition! 
Thanksgiving is next week! Have you planned your seating arrangements yet? Where will the adults sit and where will the kids sit? The kids will be more excited to sit separately from the adults if you plan ahead with fun activities they can do while eating.
Here are 5 tips for getting the kids involved in fun activities together they can do before and after eating so the adults can socialize. 
1. Place games on the table: Bingo or tic tac toe are fun games to keep the kids occupied while adults are chatting.

2. Make a turkey headband: While parents are getting the dinner ready to go. All you need is brown, red, and orange construction paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and a stapler.

3. Thankful Jar: Mason jar with post its and a pen. Everyone can write what they are thankful for. The kids can be in charge of the writing and putting in the jar.

4. Make a turkey shaped cheese and salami tray with crackers. A quick internet search will pull up plenty of images on this. Print one out and ask the kids to help make one based on the picture. They love doing this! Don’t forget to make sure they wash their hands first:)