Happy Fall! I don’t know about you but I love the change of seasons. The mornings and evenings here in Southern California are starting to get a chill to them and the kids are settling into school. It feels good to transition from the wild days of summer into the predictability that Fall brings. We also had our first rain in what seems like forever and the air feels renewed!

When the seasons change, I often will do a change in my diet. This season change, I decided to give up sugar and coffee. For the past year, I have been getting migraines up to a few times a month and I could not pinpoint a reason. I was also feeling major fatigue even though I was sleeping 8 hours a night. I went to the doctor who sent me to a neurologist regarding the migraines. The neurologist told me it was because I was a busy mom and it was very normal. I kind of got the idea that busy moms come to the doctor a lot complaining about various symptoms such as migraines. They sent me home with a prescription for migraine medication. I didn’t feel comfortable taking the meds but I tried them one time.  They ended up making me enormously sick. I felt as a nutritional health coach, I needed to find out how to heal myself from this or at least find out what was causing them. Medications would just make the symptoms worse or better but not pinpoint the problem. I knew I had to give up two of my favorite vices, coffee and all sweet things to see if it would help with the migraines and fatigue or tell me if I should be concerned something else was going on.

I had to give up sweets when I had gestational diabetes and also during cleanses I did for short periods. But this time, I also eliminated any natural fruit to see if that was contributing to the migraines and fatigue. I didn’t just suddenly stop eating these things though. I rewired my brain and my mind, brain, and body all started working together. I set myself up for success, and failure was not an option. When your brain and mind agree, your body will follow. I set a goal date to work towards eliminating coffee and all sweets. I wanted to go at least one full week. I ended up going three weeks and permanently changed my eating patterns through this arrangement between my mind, brain, and body.

Prior to this, I already limited sweets and ate plenty of protein and fiber through fresh vegetables. However, I was still eating lots of fruit and was still enjoying after dinner treats. To get myself off coffee and sweets quickly and painlessly, I used my practices I use with my coaching clients on myself and I was able to access success quickly and steer myself back on track each time I had the option to make a lesser choice. My cravings and irritability didn’t go away completely right away but I used my tools and they lessened each day. By day 4, it actually seemed like my natural way of living. When I tried to drink coffee or eat something sweet after my three weeks were up, I just didn’t have the same desire or taste for it anymore. I felt the effects they had on my body very easily. Prior to eliminating it, I could have coffee late in the afternoon and still go to sleep a few hours later. It didn’t have the much of an effect on me because I drank it every day. If I really needed a cup of coffee now to get me going, it would give me plenty of energy because I don’t drink it every day.

If I wanted to slip back into eating coffee and sweets daily, I could but I would have to make a mental shift back to those habits. Therefore, it is easier for me to stay where I am and continuing toward the road of health and empowerment. I still will have coffee and sweets in my lifetime but they no longer control me or my decisions. I can function without them and they do not hold the appeal they used to.

In addition to that, here are some of the benefits I have received since giving up sugar and coffee. If you are looking for a place to start, there it is. It is easier than you think if you prepare yourself correctly! Get in touch with me for a session or ask questions in our Facebook group if you need free support.


Yes, all this happened and more. In three short weeks and it is easier than you think!

  1. Lost 7 pounds
  2. Less trips to the bathroom, all day, and all night
  3. Fewer headaches
  4. More energy
  5. Slept better
  6. Skin looks better
  7. Normalize eating patterns
  8. Mood improved
  9. No more cravings
  10. Better focus, clearer thinking