Chef Jessica Leibovich- Chef Instruction, Menu Planning, Nutrition Support and Integration

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Do you want to eat healthier and spend less money?

Do you want to expand your knowledge of cooking and make it less stressful and more fun?

Would you like help with keeping you and your family nourished and healthy?

Would you like your family to be more connected through food and meal times?

Do you need help and support in healing your body?

Do you want to optimize your weight or change your relationship with food to more of nourishment and pleasure?

Would you like to feel better about your body while not depriving yourself of your favorite foods?

Do you want to have more fun in your life and be less stressed?

Do you want to be in love with your life? 

Chef Jessica is a professional chef who has helped her clients heal through food for over fifteen years. Not only that, she has also healed herself of many difficult and traumatic illness and injuries. She can give you specific instruction on how to effectively transform your health through diet and movement. 

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? 

We teach the magnificent art of Self-Healing through:

Understanding Functional Nutrition

Daily Dietary Implementation

Building Strength and Flexibility

Cultivation of Joy

Implementation of Inner Peace

Our holistic signature system has everything you need to facilitate healing.
EAT– The foundation of our program is functional nutrition and food healing. Whole food smoothies with powerful phytochemicals and a omnivore diet of many plants, organic produce, fresh herbs and roots, grass fed meats, and wild seafood heal your body and delight your taste buds. Our programs includes options of one week or 30 days or more of menu planning, recipes, and cook ahead tips.
Breathing for Peace
BREATHE-Our program will facilitate you into a ritual of meditation and calming the mind. In addition, we provide specific breath exercises you can do any where and any time that we use to facilitate healing. They are a powerful tool to move qi which promotes healing and longevity. The breath work we incorporate is simple, effective, and produces results you will notice instantly.
About Eat, Breathe, Move, Heal.
MOVE- Our integrative fitness system is so enjoyable and effective your body will crave it. We use a combination of strengthening and stretching for a bipolar workout for your body. All of our practices can be done in your bedroom or a hotel room and even though we do not include aerobic (cardio) in our program it is still heart strengthening and produces amazing results for body toning. It can be done on it’s own if you have injuries or physical limitations or you can incorporate aerobic exercise.
Rest in spa salon
HEAL-A crucial part of healing and transforming your body is SELF-CARE! Included in our coaching and workshops are treatments from talented healers using body work, acupuncture, reiki, energy healing, and hydrotherapy. Each licensed practitioner is  passionate about their work and brings a new perspective on your condition. We work as a team to create your optimal well being.
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