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Hello! My name is Jessica Leibovich I am a transformational weight loss and longevity coach.

Would you like to put your weight loss on cruise control and take your health to the next level?  Regardless of what your needs or frustrations are with your weight and/or your health, I can break it down and quickly get to the root issue, fast-tracking your results. We are all unique. I have a skill for identifying what is getting in the way of your results while recognizing your needs. I will quickly break it down and simplify things, while intuitively advising on life strategy for each family member’s needs. 

Think you need to give up your favorite foods? Probably not. Things can be streamlined and shifted to fit your lifestyle so you can enjoy eating yet be in charge of your health. I have worked with everyone from professional athletes, vegans, cancer patients, Lyme’s disease patients, Epilepsy sufferers, and more. Each time, we figure out what works for them and their life and likes. From my delicious whole food detox, customized menu plans, and private sessions, all your nutrition needs can be met, regardless of your dietary needs or health goals.

DIY Essential Detox

Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Paleo. Whole 30. Omnivore. Delicious. Effective. Powerful.

My DIY Essential Detox is delicious and completely hunger pain free! There is no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat, no grains, no beans, and no soy. It is not a juice cleanse. Whole food smoothies for breakfast, cleansing soups for lunch, and chicken or fish for dinner. A vegan ultra detox broth and even bliss balls for a sweet treat. Plus, I offer FREE support in my Facebook group for your questions or challenges. Cost is just $19.99! 

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Living Clean in 2015 and Beyond

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Get access to free nutrition support, delicious gluten free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and Paleo recipes. Natural beauty products and techniques. Join my intimate closed Facebook community where a small group of us share only the best tried and true recipes and tips. Cost is Free!
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If you think getting healthy means depriving yourself, then I would like to show you a better way. I LOVE food and spent over 15 years as a nutritional chef to everyone from pro athletes to cancer patients to epilepsy survivors. I would love to show you how eating healthy is easier and cheaper than eating “convenience food” or going out to a restaurant. And it is way more delicious and a lot healthier for our bodies! We have been led to believe that we NEED convenience items in our life. Well, now we are busier than ever but also with more health problems than ever. Trust me, there is a better way and it is easier than you think!

There are so many misconceptions about diet and nutrition that often we make things harder than they need to be. Through a solid foundation of specific strategies that include personalized techniques to actually change the way your mind thinks, menu planning, and resistance activity, I will get you the results you have been wanting.

My coaching is customized for you and your preferences.  Get ready to make changes and get results!

What our customers have told us:

For the first time, I feel like I have control over my eating habits instead of them controlling me. Tina Jador

Private Client

I wanted to say thank you so much for all your time and effort you gave to our group with your nutritional knowledge. It was one of the most educational of all the subjects for me and I have been using some of your cooking ideas, ingredients and methods for me and my family. It has changed the way we shop, eat and think about food. Thank you for all your support with our Moving Forward group! Diane Hawkins

SDCRI Nutrition Group Member/Group Student

I was lucky enough to trial Jessica’s Detox/ Healing cleanse and let me tell you, it is by far the most delicious, fulfilling and hearty cleanse I have ever tried! I have done several cleanses and honestly, most left me hungry, grumpy, and feeling unsatisfied, which in turn, caused me to over eat all of the wrong things. In addition, after two days I had lost a total of four lbs and my energy level was through the roof. As someone who has been suffering  through a disc injury, I immediately noticed a decrease in pain (most likely from all of the combined super foods) and an overall sense of well being. Melissa Burke

President, CEO, Kaizen Executive Search

Dear Chef Jessica, I loved how you showed me how to use whole food smoothies to sustain me all morning. As a busy mom and business owner, I was skipping breakfast in the morning and crashing. The whole food smoothies I learned in your class have given me focus and energy to continue to help my clients with peak performance and top sales. Go Chef Jessica! You can change the world, one smoothie at a time! Violet Rainwater

President, CEO, Rainmaker Way

The Detox was great! There was so much food, I was hardly ever hungry. As soon as I would feel hungry or tired, I would have some cauliflower soup or bliss balls and my energy levels would come back! I hardly even felt like I was on a cleanse except I had a small headache so I know the toxins were flushing out. I wanted to lick every bite of the soup and salad dressing. The bloating I had been feeling in my stomach has gone away and I feel like I am on my way to lose more weight. Thanks so much! N. Littrell

Mother, Grandmother, Wife, and Family Manager

Thank you, Jessica.  What a wonderful creative and compassionate resource you have been to so many.  Your knowledge, understanding are inspiring, and your recipes are delicious.

Lynn Autumn

Group Member, Student

Hi Jessica, I just wanted to send you a special thank you for the great job you did for my VIP event. The food was delicious and you are great to work with!! Lorraine Fiore

I have been fighting my weight for what feels like my whole life. I am one of those people who is “always on a diet.” I didn’t realize so many of the things I had been told were healthy, were actually keeping me fat! Jessica not only helped me make delicious meals but she intuitively pulled out all the excuses and reasons I had been using to overeat and we eliminated these quickly. Since working with her, my cravings have stopped and I am no longer overeating. I feel good about how I look and I am having fun shopping for new clothes and I used to dread trying on things.

Brenda M.

Private Coaching Client